Project Description
Contains vairous helpful BizTalk Pipeline components.

Current Pipeline Components
  • DevNull: This pipeline component is quite simple. It will "swallow" everything that comes as input. This enables performance testing of stuff without concerns about adapter transport time at send port for isntance.
  • Promote: This component has four parameters, the name of a property, the namespace of the property, a constant and an XPath expression. The component will either use the constant or read in the value that corresponds to the XPath expression at runtime and promote it to the property given by the name and name space. This enables you to promote one element of a series of reoccurring elements.
  • SearchAndReplace: This component will perform a search and replace on the incoming stream, replacing some string with some other string. Optionally, you can decide to let the input string be a regular expression and replace based on that instead of normal string search and replace.
  • SuspendAfterMap. In BizTalk 2009 (which is the only supported BizTalk version for this pipeline component) there has been added support for recoverable interchanges for errors occurring during mapping on receive ports after disassembling. This is achieved by setting a specific promoted property to “true”. I have created a pipeline component that will do this for you.
  • WriteProperties. This pipeline component serves almost NO purpose at all, except I used it for debugging to see what properties existed on a message going through BizTalk. It will write out all context of a message to the eventlog, one event at a time.

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